Seven of the Best Foods for Runners

Second only to walking, running is by far the most popular form of exercise throughout the world and it's also among the most intense. Due to the intense nature of running, it (MORE)
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Citrus-Honey Glazed Wild Salmon

Whether your nutrition goals are centered on losing weight or just improving your health, wild salmon is among the best and most essential 'superfoods' to regularly include in (MORE)

Five Foods That Help Prevent Muscle Cramps During Exercise

Exercise-induced muscle cramps are a common occurrence amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Cramping tends to arise when a muscle suddenly tightens up or contracts (MORE)

Five Ways to Build a Healthy Burger

Burgers are indeed a staple food in many countries around the world and by far one of my personal favorites. Although they aren't generally classified as "healthy", when prepa (MORE)