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Food Safety

The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

If you're one who eats beef, it's a good practice to choose free-range, grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef whenever possible. Here's why. ...(more)

Everyday Foods That Trigger Migraine Headaches

Migraine sufferers should be very selective when eating foods. If you regularly experience migraines, here are five foods that you should eat with caution....(more)

Six Nutritious Ways to Maximize Your Sushi Experience

For a fun and unique dining experience sushi is always a great choice. Here are some tips for boosting the overall nutritional value of sushi. ...(more)

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Misconceptions and Facts

Numerous health professionals warn that high fructose corn syrup is worse than sugar but whether or not they have unique adverse health effects is unproven. ...(more)


How to Make Healthy Trail Mix

Prepackaged trail mix can be relatively high in sugar, sodium, and other preservatives. Here are five tips for making healthy, incredibly delicious homemade trail mix....(more)

5 Unbelievable Reasons to Enjoy Chocolate

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't feel an ounce of guilt when treating yourself to an occasional piece of chocolate. ...(more)

The Amazing Health Benefits of Snacking on Popcorn

When it comes to wholesome snacks, there's no better choice than old-fashion hot air-popped popcorn. Here are some of its amazing health benefits. ...(more)

Processed Foods

How to Get the Most Nutritional Value from Fiber-Fortified Foods

If you're falling short on fiber, fortified foods can help so long as you choose them wisely. Here's how it's done....(more)

The 5 Most Nutrient-Dense Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Frozen vegetables and fruits are both nutritious and affordable. This article focuses on five of the healthiest when it comes to overall nutritional quality....(more)

Top 7 Healthiest Processed Foods

When chosen carefully, processed foods can be an economical and convenient source of key nutrients. This article highlights the healthiest, most nutritious processed foods....(more)

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